A day in the Lego life #4

A day in the Lego life #4 
Yum yum yum!!!


Happy 14th Birthday!!!

!!!Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 14 and had lots of fun. Birthdays are always fun right? We made a trip to Toronto and hoped on the subway and went to eat at Marche'. I had so much fun. I got home at 1 in the morning! But best of all was the I got to go to the Lego store! It was not my first time going there but I love it when I get the chance to visit one. I always put out the big bucks on the pick a brick wall. I spent 40 dollars yesterday! Here is what I got with it!

My brother also got me a Lego set for my B-day.

Today I have my birthday party and I am so excited about it. God has blessed me with so much! I have friends coming and we are going to play water wars and much more! Oh and I am 14! 


A Muzzle Flare test Video I made



Biblical Bricks make front page on Re-Brick!

Biblical Bricks make front page on Re-Brick!
Do you recognize the large picture on Re-brick? who made it? I am so happy about this! A few weeks ago I was featured on Re-brick! What an honour!

Rainbow Man!

Rainbow Man!
I was living life and suddenly had this idea to make a rainbow man!!! Pretty cool eh? 

Star Bound Miners

2 new Star Bound Miners
These are miners in space or space miners. They will be featured in the movie "Starbound."


Jesus Movie is out!

Jesus Movie is officially released!
Go to the Do you know Jesus page to see it!!!

Lego USB

Lego USB...that really works!

Well your not gonna believe this, I made this myself! It took me hours to do and now that is finished, I look at it with joy! It works great and has helped me. Now I know you want to see how I made it so you can to, right? Well in a few days, I will be showing you how in next weeks DIY!  Wait and see...


Biblical Bricks DIY week #5

Lego Cakes!
There are all sorts of ways you can celebrate your birthday this year with Lego! Here are a few ways!


In the Lego life #2

In the Lego life #2
Skate boarding fun at the skate park!


Series 11 is released!!!
I am proud to say that we now have more mini figures to collect each day. Not only so, Mr. Gold will be hidden in these also!!! According to date written, there are still 3000 Mr. Golds hidden in packages! 
Keep hunting everybody!
As I trade at Chapters today, I hope to find the  new woman scientist!