Happy 14th Birthday!!!

!!!Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 14 and had lots of fun. Birthdays are always fun right? We made a trip to Toronto and hoped on the subway and went to eat at Marche'. I had so much fun. I got home at 1 in the morning! But best of all was the I got to go to the Lego store! It was not my first time going there but I love it when I get the chance to visit one. I always put out the big bucks on the pick a brick wall. I spent 40 dollars yesterday! Here is what I got with it!

My brother also got me a Lego set for my B-day.

Today I have my birthday party and I am so excited about it. God has blessed me with so much! I have friends coming and we are going to play water wars and much more! Oh and I am 14! 

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