Raspberry Pi Case!

Raspberry Pi Case!
For all of you who don't know what raspberry pie is, be sure to Google search it. No it is not a pie or a raspberry. It is a computer the size of a credit card! It sounds impossible but it isn't! It is real! And There are many types of cases for it but I built one for it. It fits perfectly and I can't wait for my brother to get a Pi this Christmas. I gave him the case for his needs. I hope he likes it!


Free Superman Badge

Superman Badge
2 days ago, I went to Toys R Us and they had an event that was very exciting. They were giving out these Lego Mosaic badges to every kid...free! I had to wait in the line for 45 minutes...all alone. I was finally there and got my bag and took off! On the way home I built it and it was fun. I love how it turned out! Happy Bricktober!


Death by a Hammer!

Death by a Hammer
This poor little brick once thought he was cool and the best in the lego world but...he never knew when his death would come. Just like we don't, do you think he was ready to die? Are you?


Alien Attack!

Mars Mission Attack
A couple days ago, I bought this Lego set. You might be wondering where and how much it was. I got it for just 5 bucks! And I bought it in a on-line garage sale. Only teachers can buy from it, so my Mom (being a teacher) got it for me! I love the set. The only thing I don't like is the aliens. I threw them out because they looked evil. But the set is cool any way! And it is rare! On E-bay, you can get it for $100! I got it for $5. :) You never know what you will find when you are looking for a deal! Happy Hunting!


Lego Christmas Village Contest entry!
I wanted to show all of you my new Christmas village! I built it for the Lego Creator contest. I hope you like it. It has a ice rink, store, light, nativity, mailbox, and so so so much more. I know it is still a bit early for Christmas but that is ok.  If I win, I will receive 3 cool, designer signed Lego sets, and a lego trophy.If you like this, Please comment and thumbs up it on the Lego website. The link is below:

Christmas Village


Blog using Blogger!

How to make your own Blog using Blogger!

After being asked how to make a blog by a friend, I decided to start tutorials on how to make one! Do you want to make a site just like this one? Do you want to be just like me? Then watch and learn how to make your very own blog with your own style...for free!
Part 1 is out. Go to the tutorials page to watch!


How To Make Jesus

How To Make Jesus

If you are a follower of Jesus, you would probably want to make him in Lego right? Well in this video, I will teach you the basics on how to do it! I hope you have the required pieces for this mini build because you will love the outcome!



Lego Customization Series

Lego Customization Series
We all like custom Lego right? It is so famous and so expensive to buy. Some people can do it so well while others can't. But that's ok. In these teaching tutorials that will be presented to you over the next few weeks, you will be a pro in no time and will have fun designing and customizing along with me! Watch the videos and learn more about everything there is to know about customization! Your gateway to learning starts here...ready set Go!!!


Who said telling people about Jesus would be easy?

Be a light!
Today I want to talk to you about a topic  that must be covered. Do you tell your friends about Jesus? Do you really want them to know God or do you not want them to be made fun of. I think we all want our friends to be Christians. Don't you? But how do you do that. I might be sharing your lunch with the new kid at school, or loving the bully even when it is hard. You may be laughed at but it is worth it in the long run because the Bible says we earn an eternal reward in heaven for our sacrifice! But don't just tell your friends about Jesus. The Bible says to tell all the world about Jesus. It may be handing out tracts in the mall or just telling a stranger about God. I have given tracts to people many times and believe me it is scary. Most of the time I will just walk up to somebody I have never seen before and tell them about God. That take guts. It is really scary. Ask God for strength to do the impossible and see where he will lead you today.



The Minifigure Store

If you are looking for a place to get the bes mini figures for the best prices, got to the mini fig store! It is now 7 years old and still running strong! You can buy any thing from series mini figures to custom designs for as low as $8! You can even get a Lego shirt that says what you want on it! Pretty sweet! Be sure to check it out. You will be glad you did!


My new series 11

Series 11
I just got a new series 11 mini figure and it sure is cool! I can't tell you what it is though...you will just have to watch the video to find out! I got the *** whoops I can't tell you! Ha Ha
The prize being opened