Who said telling people about Jesus would be easy?

Be a light!
Today I want to talk to you about a topic  that must be covered. Do you tell your friends about Jesus? Do you really want them to know God or do you not want them to be made fun of. I think we all want our friends to be Christians. Don't you? But how do you do that. I might be sharing your lunch with the new kid at school, or loving the bully even when it is hard. You may be laughed at but it is worth it in the long run because the Bible says we earn an eternal reward in heaven for our sacrifice! But don't just tell your friends about Jesus. The Bible says to tell all the world about Jesus. It may be handing out tracts in the mall or just telling a stranger about God. I have given tracts to people many times and believe me it is scary. Most of the time I will just walk up to somebody I have never seen before and tell them about God. That take guts. It is really scary. Ask God for strength to do the impossible and see where he will lead you today.

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