Cheap Coffee Part 1

Cheap Coffee Part 1

I enjoyed making this short movie! I hope you like it. It is the story of a sales guy who can't seem to be able to sell his 8$ coffee! But when he lies to his customers... well never mind! And stay tuned for part 2! It will be out by the end of next week! How exciting!



Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?
It is that simple...


Happy thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving!
Well it is Thanksgiving again! Are you excited? Or should I say, are you thankful for all God has blessed you with? I know I am. Lets together think of 5 things we are thankful for!

  1. Friends
  2. God's Love
  3. My Family
  4. Clothes
  5. Food

See how easy that was? It is very fun and easy to thank God for what we have. But don't just do it once a year! How would you like it if someone only thanked you 1 time a year? That would be sad. So be thankful everyday, and honour God with you thankfulness!


Paint-Ball Fun!

Paint-Ball Fun!
I made this one this morning and love the turnout! I hope you do too! It has some minor lighting issues, but practice makes perfect right? This is a must see movie! It took me 2 hours to make and was well worth the time!



New Series 10 Solider

New Series 10 Solider
Happy Monday!

Once again I got a new series 10 mini figure. And just as predicted, it was the solider! Watch the video below and see me open it and guess before I open it! I was correct!... Again! It is really getting harder to find series 10 but I found this one at Chapters Book Store! Just in time!



Rocket Trouble

Rocket Trouble
I must say that this is another really funny video I made!It is about 2 teens that made their own rocket, but problems come... Uh oh! What will mummy say? This short movie started with an idea yesterday morning and turned into a movie!



LEGO plant

Lego Factory
Do you ever wonder how the bricks you play with are made? Do you wish you could see how it is done? Well now you can! This video will show you all of the fun of Lego, from designing to moulding. The machines are huge and the factory is so cool!. It amazes me to see how these little pieces are made!


A typical teen's bedroom...

A Teen's Bedroom...

If you are a teen, you would probably have a room like this. Filled with air soft guns, hats, balls, and pizza! It is the teen life right? We are crazy beings! We love to rock and dance! So just last night in my teen room, I decided to make one in Lego. And this is the outcome! The furniture took work to build but I just love the turnout! The bed is so cool too! I love building at nights! I find I can get so much inspiration then! Especially when I have a pop with me! And Christmas music along side! 


Biblical Bricks Productions: Scooter and Lego stunts

Biblical Bricks Productions: Scooter and Lego stunts: Ever tried building a Lego tower and then jumped over it with a scooter. You can sure have fun and pull off some crazy stunts too! Try makin...

Lego Family

My Great Family!
My family is great! I love my Mom and Dad, and brother and sister! I just learned about "Lego Family" made by LEGO! It is so cool, you can build you family and create a postcard like this one! How cool! Be sure to try it. It is so fun!


Lego Creator Contest!

Lego Creator Contest
I love contests and Lego is having one on their site! Wow! It is a creator competition! Build the best holiday creation and you could win Lego sets personally signed by Lego designers! But you only have 2 months left in the competition! Every month, there is a winner picked out. There will be 2 more winners! Will it be you...
My contest entry!


How to make a blog part 2

How to make a blog part 2
Sorry everybody for the delay! I have been so busy! But I am happy to say that part 2 is finally out! I hope you like it and please comment if you have any questions!


Day 15 Minecraft Wallpapers

Day 15

Minecraft wallpapers
On the minecraft website which I talked about yesterday, there are secret wallpapers you can get. All you have to do is mine through the background on the website! as you mine, you get a prize! Some cool wall paper. But if you don't want to mine...here is one of them!  The rest I leave you to find...Happy hunting!


Minecraft Madness Day 14

Day 14
Secret Lego Minecraft Website!

Some of you may not know that there really is a Lego minecraft website! How exciting! It is a fun site with a cool video and sets. I don't know why Lego has not yet told everybody about the site yet? Well I know about it and a few of my on-line friends do to!


Series 9 Buy!

I found series 9!
I didn't even know that you could still get series 9 in stores any more, but while clothes shopping in target...this is what I found!!! I was so happy to get the *** because she comes with a gold trophy!


Gods grace!

Jesus Died for you!
I really hope that all of you know that Jesus loves you because he really does. He went as far as dying on a cross for you! A the picture depicts, Jesus was led to Calvary to be crucified on a cross!!! How sad. And he didn't even do anything to deserve such evil. But his love is more powerful than pain so he laid his life down for you! If you want to learn more about this, go to the "Do you know Jesus" page on my website. God bless!

"Bestia" The movie

Well, when I saw this from repelling spider's site, I knew I had to share it. Repelling spider did not make it but also liked it. It is a historic brick film from true events long ago!!! I really liked how smooth the animation work was and how much patience was put into this! Please comment if you like it. What do you think is the moral in this movie?Enjoy!

Turn captions on!

Minecraft Merchandize

Day 11           I went clothes shopping in america last weekend. I went to target and JC penny, those are my favs. While I was there, I was surprised to find all of these minecraft shirts! So as a part of mincraft madness month, here you go!


Today's Building Studio

Today's Building Studio
I have had over 5 different studios in my life. I am always rearranging. But just last summer, I made a new one. This is it! I really like how it is large and colourful! I have never had so much inspiration at this studio! I will keep it for a long time!!!


Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney...A Lego Wonder!

I found out about Sean Kenney through an ad on a website saying that he sells lego sets for 3 cents! We will get to that later. I clicked on the ad and what I saw changed the way I saw Lego.

Well let me first tell me about him. He is a certified Lego builder and is a pro. He is famous for his building of Lego. He says he is 12 years old (in his mind)

So He has an an amazing website where you can buy life sized sculptures (if you have 100,000$)
and books and lego lamps and even bricks! You might think that the bricks he sells are expensive right? Well just like the ad said. Most are 3 cents! I am very excited to see how this guy grows and I can't wait to buy from him! He ships to all countries worldwide! Just look at how cheap his pieces are compared to Lego's prices!
Lego :100 2x4 bricks: $30
Sean Kenney : 100 2x4 bricks: $17
Lego : 100 1x2 plate bricks: $10
Sean Kenney :100 1x2 plate bricks: $4 

Wow wow wow! You have now seen how cool this guy is! Plus...check out what he has made below! And be sure to check out his website and store! C mon he is famous!

All of the wonders of Lego!


Minecraft and Jesus

Hello today is going to be all about minecraft. It's kind of like God. your probably confused when I say this so let me explain. we build on minecraft using blocks and different types of bricks just like God is building us.  God is molding us and shaping us to create his masterpiece. if you like fighting bad guys you go on creative mode on minecraft. It reminds me of how you start out with nothing when you are a sinner. Just like we start to collect our blocks and collect our talents and pray, once we collect and get all of our strength we fight against enemies. just like in Minecraft creative mode we're fighting against creepers and so many other things. In real life we fight against the devil. Pretty cool how we can see an object lesson through all of this. So remember next time your on minecraft to remember god's love for you! Do you know any other ways we can see God through minecraft? Comment below! And share your thoughts! And happy mnecraft madness month!


Tour of my world! Part 1

Day 6
Tour of my world! Part 1
I am very excited for all of you to see my underground world on mine craft  I have an underground farm, library, tunnels, secret hideouts, and so much more. I hope you all enjoy this quick and fun video made by me. I also created the music on garage band. Enjoy!



Minecraft halloween costume

Day 5

When I saw this costume, I knew I had to get a pic of it. I love it! Great design and creativity.

P.S it must be hard to breath in there.

Creating Steve (custom)

Day 4
Minecraft Madness
Welcome back everybody to day 4 of the madness. I am very excited to show you in this video how to create a custom Steve. I hope you enjoy it and tell your friends about it. He is very easy to make and is only requires 7 pieces! 



Day 2
Minecraft Madness
Welcome back everybody to the next feature of minecraft madness month. I hope you like this video because it teaches how to make a cool minecraft house out of basic pieces. 

LDD File coming soon



Attention! Series 12 sneak peek!

Series 12 sneak peek!
I am sure all of you are on pins and needles because of the new Lego Movie (by Warner Bros.) that is coming out! Well I just found the secret series 12 mini figures! They will all be from the movie. I can't wait to get Emmet! and his girlfriend! Hooray!
  • William Shakespeare
  • Gail the Construction Worker
  • Panda Guy
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Taco Tuesday Guy
  • Larry the Barista
  • President Business
  • Calamity Drone
  • Marsha Queen of the Mermaids
  • Wild West Wyldstyle
  • Scribbe-Face Bad Cop
  • Velma Staplebot
  • Hard Hat Emmet
  • “Where are my Pants?” Guy
  • Mrs. Scratchen-Post
  • Wiley Fusebot.

Day 1
Lego MineCraft Madness Month!
Hello fans, Biblical Bricks here. At the moment, Mine craft and Lego are really attractive!I have been so excited to unveil the all new fun on the site. November is Mine Craft Madness month! Are you ready for it? All through November, I will be posting lots of Lego mine craft stuff on my site. I will be posting up some of my favourite mine craft stuff...and reviewing the mine craft sets. I know this will be a fun time as we share out thoughts about mine craft (in the comment bar) together! Lets begin...share your thoughts with the world via comment bar! I will be showing you some of my secret tips and tricks for you to share. Wanna see my world on mine craft? Watch the coming videos that are coming soon.