Minecraft and Jesus

Hello today is going to be all about minecraft. It's kind of like God. your probably confused when I say this so let me explain. we build on minecraft using blocks and different types of bricks just like God is building us.  God is molding us and shaping us to create his masterpiece. if you like fighting bad guys you go on creative mode on minecraft. It reminds me of how you start out with nothing when you are a sinner. Just like we start to collect our blocks and collect our talents and pray, once we collect and get all of our strength we fight against enemies. just like in Minecraft creative mode we're fighting against creepers and so many other things. In real life we fight against the devil. Pretty cool how we can see an object lesson through all of this. So remember next time your on minecraft to remember god's love for you! Do you know any other ways we can see God through minecraft? Comment below! And share your thoughts! And happy mnecraft madness month!

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