Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney...A Lego Wonder!

I found out about Sean Kenney through an ad on a website saying that he sells lego sets for 3 cents! We will get to that later. I clicked on the ad and what I saw changed the way I saw Lego.

Well let me first tell me about him. He is a certified Lego builder and is a pro. He is famous for his building of Lego. He says he is 12 years old (in his mind)

So He has an an amazing website where you can buy life sized sculptures (if you have 100,000$)
and books and lego lamps and even bricks! You might think that the bricks he sells are expensive right? Well just like the ad said. Most are 3 cents! I am very excited to see how this guy grows and I can't wait to buy from him! He ships to all countries worldwide! Just look at how cheap his pieces are compared to Lego's prices!
Lego :100 2x4 bricks: $30
Sean Kenney : 100 2x4 bricks: $17
Lego : 100 1x2 plate bricks: $10
Sean Kenney :100 1x2 plate bricks: $4 

Wow wow wow! You have now seen how cool this guy is! Plus...check out what he has made below! And be sure to check out his website and store! C mon he is famous!

All of the wonders of Lego!

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