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New Year...New improvements!
I would like to thank all my fans for coming on this website often. I am always watching who comes on through my website statistics. I hope you all have enjoyed this site as much as I have making it! This website was started last May and has only grown since. I am very excited to see what God is doulg through Biblical Bricks! But as the new year roles through, I would like to ask that each of you personally fill out the Q and A form below. I want to know what you guys are thinking about Biblical Bricks. I will do my best to respod to your concerns. Happy New Year! 


Lego Movie Sets are Released!

Lego Movie Sets are Released!
Well I have been really excited for the Lego Movie sets to come out! A nd just yesterday...they were released! Although I don't like the film because of the bad language in it, I do love the characters! Emmet is my favourite of course! What is yours?

 When I saw the price of these sets... I found them reasonably priced! Hopefully the sets will be in stores real soon! You can always learn more about the Lego movie by going to www.thelegomovie.com
or www.lego.com/en-us/movie. Have a great day everybody!


Lego Custom Lights

 Lego custom lights
Well you all know that Christmas is over. But that is a good thing because now all the Christmas lights are on sale! Yippee! I got micro lights 50% off yesterday. Regularly $7 on sale for $3.50. What an amazing deal! I have badly wanted to get these lights for a long time. I use them in animations and creations. Do you ever wish you could an extra dash of light to your creations or animations. Well these micro lights are a great addition to your Lego prop collection!  

I highly recommend these lights to anyone who wants to make their creations look cooler and funner at the same time! Happy Holidays!

Happy New year

The new year of 2014 is nearing... are you ready for the new year? What are some things you might want to do different? Do you have a new year resolution? I want God to be the centre of 2014? I sure hope so! I know there are a few things I can change this year! Lets do this together! 
I hope you will prayerfully consider what you believe God wants you to do different this 2014 year. I love you guys and happy new year! 3 days to go!


Barber Shop

Barber Shop

Last night I made this barber shop out of Lego (of course lego) and I just love it! I wanted to make a model with color. The turn out was great. 

The detail amazes most. With a mirror, bench, check in, hair washer, chairs, clippers, and hair hung by the wall! If you were a mini figure, You would want to have this as your home haircut spot right? It has friendly service and great pro cutters. And they get you out in a jiffy! You can even find free wifi there! Feeling convinced yet? Yeah I thought so...but your not a mini figure. You don't have those exclusive rights. :(  But Merry Christmas!


Christmas In a Minute contest entry!

Christmas In a Minute contest entry!

Hey everybody! Jackson Dame with repelling spider and some others are hosting a Christmas contest! The deadline for it is tonight! I am so glad that I finished it just in time! Wheew! It is a comedy Christmas film. I hope it wins! Please comment and share if you like it!

Hope you liked it Jackson and all other judges! I did it all for you!

Merry Christmas!

Well the time has come! It is Christmas eve! How exciting! I don't know what I am getting for Christmas but I know it will be good! I am thankful that Jesus was born on Christmas to save the lost! Over the holidays I will be planning on building more holiday creations, but until then, here is A nativity I made out of Lego! 

I am glad I had enough brown pieces to build this nativity. I was worried that I would run out. I don't collect much brown. I really liked the color of the hay. I was happy that my friend gave me those pieces last summer!
I am sure glad that I was not born in a stable! It would be sad! But think of how the king of kings 
was born there!!! Wowee!


Lego at its best!

What it is
 is beautiful!

You know, Lego is a awesome company. I stumbled across an ad from a long time ago that they made! I think it is both cute and fun. It shows what Lego is all about! Creating things and being proud of what you make! Even if what you make does not look cool to some people, don't let that stop you from building! It is fun! Keep building everybody and God Bless you! Oh and 
Merry CHRISTmas!


City Alley Street Scene!

City Alley Street Scene!

 I just love the city! It is a great place for parkour, running, and trick scootering! I don't live in the city but I do love it! I built this alley way from a city. Alleys are narrow roads between buildings that are commonly filled with poor people, garbage bins, and scary people! I like them because they represent an old part of the city! Only walk down an alley if you have too. You can see in my creation I built on L-Draw, that the road is old and the skateboard is there! There is even a subway grate on the old rugged side walk!

If you are interested in building a 3d model like this one out of Lego, all you need to do is install the famous L-Draw software! Check the link below for more!


Part 2 of Mini figure Customization Series

Part 2 of Mini figure Customization Series
I hope you all like carving and painting, because in this film, I will be using both of those techniques.



Secret Short Film coming soon...

Secret Short Film

I am very excited to unveil the new short film that is coming in the year of 2014. It will be adventurous and exciting. It will be funny and wild! Last Sunday, I started making the film sets. They are super cool. I just finished the scary cave (as seen below).
I am not giving to much of the story away but it will be fun! I am hoping to make it a 10 minute film with parts that will be put on the site. I know you all hate to wait for this film... don't worry, I do to! So what are some of your ideas for this short film? Any character ideas or set scenes? Its a mystery! More info will be unveiled by the new year! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Please comment below to share your thoughts on this exciting film coming out at the beginning of 2014! I want to hear from you!


Christmas Ball DIY

Christmas Ball DIY
It is time for another DIY! But this one is all about Christmas! Oh how I love Christmas! In this DIY we will be making a Lego Christmas ball tree ornament. Wow that is long to say! Try saying that 10 times fast! Lets begin! So all you will need is 
  1. red and green bricks
  2. fake snow
  3. glass ball
  4. string

You may find that is is not possible to fit bricks into your ball because the top is to small. If that is the case, try to only put 1x1 bricks into it. Since these bricks are smaller, it should work.Fun Fact: Christmas ornaments are decorations (usually made of glassmetalwood or ceramics) that are used to festoon a Christmas tree (you know that right)


Fun way to learn about the Brick!

Fun way to learn about the Brick!

Do all of you know how Lego is made? If you have been following my site, you may remember how I put up a post recently called "Lego Plant". It included a you tube video of inside the Lego factory! I also found another interesting place to learn about how bricks are made!
http://thisispop.com/archive/moab/ has an animated guided tutorial of how the brick is made. It is not only interesting but also interactive!  I enjoyed going through the quick tutorial to learn more! You can too by going too the link!

It sure is an interesting process to make a lego brick. From melting to molding! And packaging too! It is a good thing that robots do most of these jobs because with the amount of bricks being produced per minute...we wouldn't be able to keep up!!!


Lego Christmas Box

Lego Christmas Box
Last night I got lots of candie cains  from my youth group. I brought them home and didn't know where to put them! So I decided to build a box for it this morning and it worked out great! Theay now look cooler and I just love the Christmas box too! Merry Christmas!!!

 I wanted the color scheme to have a balance of red and green. This box will sit in my room till Christmas end! Because every once in a while while I build, I get hungry! Real Hungry! So now that I have this box filled with Christmas Candy, I am happy happy happy! Merry Christmas again!!!


Do You ever look for Lego Bargains?

Do You ever look for Lego Bargains?

Did you know that hidden in yard sales, or in old piles of junk there just might be Lego? You can even find some wicked bargains in some stores. Why a couple weeks ago I was shopping in Target and saw a small polybag lego witch set (Seen Below).
Sets like that are around $4.00 or even $6.00! But I felt like I should scan to see how much it was...since Halloween was over, I thought it was on sale. And boy oh boy it sure was! I found 2 of the witch sets for 60 cents each! I couldn't believe it! I was really happy and bought them right away! I don't like witches, but I do love the pieces it came with! I got a total of 150 new pieces for just over $1! Wow!

Garage Sales?
Garage sales are another way to find bargains too! Last summer, my friend had a garage sale and was selling bionicle and star wars! I bought over 50 star wars pieces for 25 cents! Wowee! My brother even found a few buckets of Lego once at a garage sale! You never know where you will find bargains like that! You might be able to get some cheap Lego in thrift stores too! Happy hunting!

On-line Shopping!
Amazon and eBay are great ways to get bulk bricks at low prices. I have seen deals of a 1000 random big and small bricks for only 40 dollars! Once my mom was looking on-line and found this classic mars mission set for me!
It was released in 2006 and is now retired. On eBay, the set is $50! I got it for $5 bucks! Yipee! You never know what you will find when it comes too Lego! Click the Links below!


Lego and Simpsons...Is this right?

Simpsons and Lego article... is this right?

I think every American has heard of the Simpsons. HomerMargeBartLisa, and Maggie are some of the characters in this show.The TV sitcom that is funny and interesting... so they say.

 I totally would not recommend this TV show to anybody. People may say that there are worse shows like family guy, but it is false. Simpsons is a very immoral and dark show. Filled with crude humour and terrible morals. This article does not praise the show... don't worry! All my life, I have known that this show is wrong. It seems as though it is just getting worse and worse too!

Now Lego has always produced good family fun. They were created on that foundation. But I have seen that over the past few years, there have been more and more violent and gory themes! This is shocking from a Christian perspective!

Simpsons and Lego
Why in the world would Lego now start putting out Simpsons Lego!!! Coming in 2014, new Lego Simpsons mini figures might be out in series 13. These have already been found in other countries! Simpsons sets are also being considered. What!!!? Why is a family friendly company putting out things against family morals! I trust that you will take into consideration what you buy from Lego. There are many dark sets out there. I am not trying to turn you from Lego but warn you that if they continue on this path of sinful themes...the turn out may be bad. I will let you discern the rest. God Bless - Noah