Do You ever look for Lego Bargains?

Do You ever look for Lego Bargains?

Did you know that hidden in yard sales, or in old piles of junk there just might be Lego? You can even find some wicked bargains in some stores. Why a couple weeks ago I was shopping in Target and saw a small polybag lego witch set (Seen Below).
Sets like that are around $4.00 or even $6.00! But I felt like I should scan to see how much it was...since Halloween was over, I thought it was on sale. And boy oh boy it sure was! I found 2 of the witch sets for 60 cents each! I couldn't believe it! I was really happy and bought them right away! I don't like witches, but I do love the pieces it came with! I got a total of 150 new pieces for just over $1! Wow!

Garage Sales?
Garage sales are another way to find bargains too! Last summer, my friend had a garage sale and was selling bionicle and star wars! I bought over 50 star wars pieces for 25 cents! Wowee! My brother even found a few buckets of Lego once at a garage sale! You never know where you will find bargains like that! You might be able to get some cheap Lego in thrift stores too! Happy hunting!

On-line Shopping!
Amazon and eBay are great ways to get bulk bricks at low prices. I have seen deals of a 1000 random big and small bricks for only 40 dollars! Once my mom was looking on-line and found this classic mars mission set for me!
It was released in 2006 and is now retired. On eBay, the set is $50! I got it for $5 bucks! Yipee! You never know what you will find when it comes too Lego! Click the Links below!

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