Lego and Simpsons...Is this right?

Simpsons and Lego article... is this right?

I think every American has heard of the Simpsons. HomerMargeBartLisa, and Maggie are some of the characters in this show.The TV sitcom that is funny and interesting... so they say.

 I totally would not recommend this TV show to anybody. People may say that there are worse shows like family guy, but it is false. Simpsons is a very immoral and dark show. Filled with crude humour and terrible morals. This article does not praise the show... don't worry! All my life, I have known that this show is wrong. It seems as though it is just getting worse and worse too!

Now Lego has always produced good family fun. They were created on that foundation. But I have seen that over the past few years, there have been more and more violent and gory themes! This is shocking from a Christian perspective!

Simpsons and Lego
Why in the world would Lego now start putting out Simpsons Lego!!! Coming in 2014, new Lego Simpsons mini figures might be out in series 13. These have already been found in other countries! Simpsons sets are also being considered. What!!!? Why is a family friendly company putting out things against family morals! I trust that you will take into consideration what you buy from Lego. There are many dark sets out there. I am not trying to turn you from Lego but warn you that if they continue on this path of sinful themes...the turn out may be bad. I will let you discern the rest. God Bless - Noah

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