Tutorial 4: Part 3: How to use Blogger

Tutorial 4: Part 3: How to use Blogger

How to make a Blog part 3
Well I hope you have been watching the other parts of this series on how to make a blog with Google Blogger. On this final part, I will be telling you how to share your blog with the world.

When I started out on Blogger last May, I didn't know many people. All I knew to do was post interesting stuff on my blog! So I did! Well I also got a Google+ account. If you make a blog, I highly recommend getting yourself a Google+ account. Because people will find you easier on it and that will lead them to your blog! How exciting! Every post you make on your Blog can be put on Google+ too! This will raise traffic!
Another way is to get a you-tube account! All you need to do is make movies and put them on you tube. Share about your site on the videos and then each person that watches the movie will see your blog link! You never know, you may have a lucky video that will make lots of views! There is also twitter and facebook too! The bottom line is, you always want to put out material that will interest people! Try to make your posts sound appealing!  
And remember to respond to the questions and comments you get from people A.S.A.P. They will respect your quickness and interest in their comments! This creates a friendly environment!
And remember to have Fun!
Don't let your social networks become a social trap! It can be easy to only put your time into online friends and people. Have fun everybody when you make your blog and if any more help is needed, leave a comment below!

Go to the Tutorials page to see the other parts!


LEGO CUUSOO Fall 2013 Review Results: Announcing LEGO CUUSOO #007

The Results are in!
Well everybody, the results are in! How exciting! We now know what the #7 Cuusoo set will be! I am not going to tell you what it is. You have to watch the movie to find out!
So did you like the new set? Are you gonna buy it?


Are You Ready For The Lego Movie?

Are You Ready?
     Well there has been so much attention given to "The Lego Movie". See, the
fact that I have to put "" around the name shows how important it is!

Well I have enjoyed hunting for the new sets and mini figures! Just last night I found a few new Lego movie books in the store! I even heard that the actors are being interviewed on late night talk shows. I guess this movie is a big deal! +The LEGO Movie is always putting out new posts about the movie!

Oh and did I mention that they have put out a video-game version of the movie? That is cool too! Now you can get right into the movie action while being Emmett and saving the world!

So let me know! Are you going to watch the movie? Are you going to buy it? What are your feelings on the film? 

Check out some of my posts at
+NoahR BiblicalBricks


Feburary 1st

February1 Biblical Bricks is feeding the poor... and you can help to!
Everybody, here all! Biblical Bricks is giving to the needy, and you can help too! I am very excited to unveil this awesome project for the month of February. Let me Explain: Every view that is received on my website through the month of February, will be equal to 1 cent towards needy families in Africa! So if you give 100 views on my website, you gave $1! All proceeds will be going to "Samaritans Purse Canada"!
Tell all your friends about this awesome way to help the needy, while sharing the message of biblical bricks to more and more people! Please share this post and be sure to come on my website frequently 
Starting Feburary 1 - 28!

Biblical bricks is not being sponsored or endorsed in any way by Samaritans Purse


We Love Our Hershey!

We Love Our Hershey!
I would like to first say that hershey is the best chocolate out there! My favourite flavour is cookies and creme! Who doesn't like cookies and cream?
I love chocolate. Sometimes I think chocolate is so good that God should have invented it! Not people. I think Lego mini figures like chocolate too! Don't you think so?

Of all of the flavours, which one is your favourite?

I think I will go eat a hershey bar. Yum...*crunch*....


Welcome to 2014 - Caleb Brix Productions

Caleb Bric Productions
Do you love star wars? Well I know a friend that loves it too! Caleb Brix Productions is the best place to go for good customs, mocs, and reviews. He has the whole star wars thing nailed! If you are ever looking for something star wars... go to him! Lets Go Caleb Lets Go!


New 2014 sets

New Lego sets

Well 2014 has come up on us and I'm very excited for the new LEGO sets that are coming out in Ninjago and the Lego City. I was at the store a couple days ago and found some of them! Now these are all new sets. I can't wait to get some of them in the future! +CJ Buildinglegoswithchrist did a Lego review on his new Lego monkey set! You should go check it out!


Mixels Sneak Peek

There is a new theme coming to the Lego world...Mixels! These cute little things are not out in the market yet but will soon be. I have stumbled across some pictures of them. I wonder what Mixels are? I am guessing they are from a show on the cartoon channel, but I have never seen it! Then again, I don't watch cartoons. Well according to what I have gathered, these little guys will be priced affordable. I hope so at least. I am excited for this new line up to role through stores. Happy Building and God Bless!


More on the Simpsons House

More on the Simpsons House
Lego just put out this new video explaining more on how the house was made! Enjoy!

Adventure Film: You can help too!

You can help too!

I am very excited to unveil some more secret photos from the 5 minute movie I am working on. Last night at almost midnight, I was animating in a dark room.You need to stay up late sometimes to animate if you want the perfect lighting! Well I like the outcome. And as I continue working on this short film, be sure to keep checking back for more behind the scenes!

  I am still deciding on the name for this short film. I want all of you to get into this film. So I need our help! Do you have any name ideas? Please let me know on the comment bar! It can be a crazy or basic name. I accept all. And if I pick your movie name, your name will be in the end credits! Wowee!!!


Friends Ice Cream Shop

Friends Ice Cream Shop
Hello again everybody. Noah here, Today I am going to show you a creation I built yesterday morning! It took me an hour to build and it is a new favourite. My Mom (of course) loves it! I do to!

 I would put it on Cuusoo but have to 18 for that. :( Well anyway. All of the pieces from this shop are from friends sets that I got for 50 cents each. I put the pieces together and voilla! It has ice cream, fudgesicles, I pod, worker, flowers, and so much more! I hope you like this set and feel free share it with your friends!

 FUN FACT: I cut out the friends sign from the Instruction Manuel for one of the sets!
 If you want more Lego Friends sets to be made by me, please let me know in the comment bar below! Have a great day and Happy Building!


Series 12 is out!

Series 12 Is Out

I'm very excited to say that the Lego series 12 mini figures have been released. When I went to Walmart today I wasn't expecting to find them.  But I did, and there were not much left. So happy to have my hands on one. Now I still want to get Emmet but I couldn't resist the sombrero man I hope you can get these mini figures they're fun just like the other series'

Life in the MLB

Life in the MLB

This little guy plays for the brickville stackers. But the problem he finds is, once off, the cheerleaders surround him! They are all in love with him. But he knows that he can't get married because he already is. He already has a family and wife. But the other girls don't care. But since he is a christian, he has to resist them. That sure is a common problem for some people who are constantly on TV and news.
Always remember to resist
temptations of lust in your
life. God wants you pure
inside and out! 


This is LEGO Minifigures Online

Lego Mini figures On-line Game!
Are you hungry? I am...to learn more about the Lego Mini figures video game coming out this summer! I am so excited for its release and hope you all are too! What, you don't know about the game? Well watch the video to see what it is all about!


71006-Simpsons House is Released

Simpsons house: By Lego
Well just as I predicted in my last post about the Simpsons house being ready to hit stores. It is now out. Well I am really not impressed with Lego to put out a set from such a secular theme. The Simpsons! Well any way, the house it great looking with many interior rooms and it comes with many of the classic characters from the hit comedy.
I love the roof design and the chimney! The garage and car is cool too. Oh and look at the skateboard ramp! Some great design features about this set and I wonder how much it will cost. I read that it is around $155. wowee! That sure is pricey. I like the comment that a guy said to that price on the site where I found it. He said. "The set looks cool, but I have mouths to feed" It is expensive indeed! As I continue to follow this Simpsons Lego them more and more. Digging for the truth and latest sets, I hope you all have a great day and Happy Building!
If you would like to see the last Simpsons post I did on my website, Click Here


Biblical Bricks Ad

Biblical Bricks Ad
Well I am happy to say that I just finished my new website ad! It is so cool! Check it out by clicking the link below. Feel free to share it and please watch it! I am so excited to see what God is doing through Biblical Bricks and I hope this Ad will draw more and more people to the website and to him! If you would like to see any more fun videos like this made, please let me know in the comment bar! Have a great day and happy building!

Click! Click! Click!


A Tribute To Google

Thank you Google...
All my life I have known about google. I used to only know about the search engine, but now Google is opening more and more doors to inspiration! They let you do so much! You would not be on this site if it wasn't for Google! This picture below would not have been created without Google drive! My Google + account would be gone, and I would have no Android phone to work on! I absolutely love Google! They are affordable and always want the best for their buyers! You go Google! Go Go Go!!!


Series 10 jackpot

Series 10 Jackpot!

I was so happy to see 80 new series 10s in the store a couple weeks ago. I went through each one...but no Mr. Gold. Then I came back a few days later and almost all of them were gone! They sure can go fast!

My mind was really tired after that... I was exhausted! It takes so much mental work to see what you are feeling in a series bag. I also don't want to get the wrong one because I have never been wrong! There have been over 100 Mr golds found in Canada! One was found only 30 minutes from my home at mastermind toy store! Happy hunting everybody! and Happy New Year!


New Lego My City

New Lego My City

I am very excited to show all of you the new video game Lego  put out. It is called "My city". I have been waiting so long for it to come out. And it is a free game! All you have to do is go to the Lego city website and click My City! You can build your own city and  play games and chase robbers! it is pretty much like Lego city Undercover! I am just learning how  the game works. But I am very happy to create...My Own City! Here is the link! Click Here!
However, I have come across 1 problem with the game...It can be jittery and shaky if you have and older computer. I have a vista and it doesn't work too well with it. :(