71006-Simpsons House is Released

Simpsons house: By Lego
Well just as I predicted in my last post about the Simpsons house being ready to hit stores. It is now out. Well I am really not impressed with Lego to put out a set from such a secular theme. The Simpsons! Well any way, the house it great looking with many interior rooms and it comes with many of the classic characters from the hit comedy.
I love the roof design and the chimney! The garage and car is cool too. Oh and look at the skateboard ramp! Some great design features about this set and I wonder how much it will cost. I read that it is around $155. wowee! That sure is pricey. I like the comment that a guy said to that price on the site where I found it. He said. "The set looks cool, but I have mouths to feed" It is expensive indeed! As I continue to follow this Simpsons Lego them more and more. Digging for the truth and latest sets, I hope you all have a great day and Happy Building!
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