Are You Ready For The Lego Movie?

Are You Ready?
     Well there has been so much attention given to "The Lego Movie". See, the
fact that I have to put "" around the name shows how important it is!

Well I have enjoyed hunting for the new sets and mini figures! Just last night I found a few new Lego movie books in the store! I even heard that the actors are being interviewed on late night talk shows. I guess this movie is a big deal! +The LEGO Movie is always putting out new posts about the movie!

Oh and did I mention that they have put out a video-game version of the movie? That is cool too! Now you can get right into the movie action while being Emmett and saving the world!

So let me know! Are you going to watch the movie? Are you going to buy it? What are your feelings on the film? 

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