Feburary 1st

February1 Biblical Bricks is feeding the poor... and you can help to!
Everybody, here all! Biblical Bricks is giving to the needy, and you can help too! I am very excited to unveil this awesome project for the month of February. Let me Explain: Every view that is received on my website through the month of February, will be equal to 1 cent towards needy families in Africa! So if you give 100 views on my website, you gave $1! All proceeds will be going to "Samaritans Purse Canada"!
Tell all your friends about this awesome way to help the needy, while sharing the message of biblical bricks to more and more people! Please share this post and be sure to come on my website frequently 
Starting Feburary 1 - 28!

Biblical bricks is not being sponsored or endorsed in any way by Samaritans Purse

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