Do you know where these stickers are from?

What set are these stickers from?
So the other day, I was on the computer (I am not a Geek), and then my mom came to me and gave me a pack of 1,126 little Lego Stickers. "Wow!" Then I asked her where the stickers came from. I was eager to know! And she didn't know what set they came from. So I am here asking you. Do you know where these stickers came from? If you have any idea of where the stickers came from, let me know! 
And if you find out, let me know in the comment bar. Its a mystery!


Has Jesus helped you up?

Has Jesus helped you up?
Has Jesus ever helped you up? He deserves thanks! Always remember to be thankful when talking to him each day. I just love the post +Jesus Daily  put out on Google +. Lets all work hard on thanking God for his undeserved grace each day! Thank you Jesus!


The Emmet Awards!

"The Emmet Awards"

Well Lego has just put out a new contest series on their website! How exciting! Every month there will be new contests based on the Lego Movie! They call it "The Emmet Awards!" So it is now February and they already have a competition for this month! Oh and yes there are prizes that will be given out to the winners! 
So go on Lego.com today and head on over to the Emmet Awards! And be sure to vote for my contest entry my clicking below!


Did you see the lego movie?

So over the weekend, I went to toys r us for the build your own Emmet car! It was awesome and best of all... free! I got lots of new lego pieces there!
Well as you all should know, the lego movie is now in theatres! But my question is... did you go and see it? Let me know your opinion in the comment bar. I hear the movie is awesome! And I can tell that the theater would have been packed too! +legomovie

Then just last night i got my new mc donalds emmet toy cup! i can now say...

I am so pumped out! I am not in the picture though. :(


Minecraft Cave model

Minecraft Cave model
Well a few days ago after, playing on Minecraft of course, I came up with the idea to make a Minecraft cave. And this is the turnout. It has a mine cart, rails, dynamite, crystal, and an stop light. 
Things can get pretty fast in this tunnel, which is why Steve is required to wear a hard hat! You never know what could be at the end of the tunnel too! Which makes the ride more fun!


Lego on fire!

Lego on Fire!!!
Well first of all, do not try this at home!!! I hope you like this video! Please tell me your opinion in the comment bar! Well this Mexican man ate too many hot chilli peppers! He ate so much that he is on fire! What a sad story. I hope this never happens to your Lego Mexican man! 

Remember: Do not try this at home!