Biblical Bricks Pix #2

Biblical Bricks Pix #2
Well, it is almost a new week. And I know I should be posting this on monday, but I am just to excited to show you this weeks Biblical Bricks Pix! I found it on-line. I saw it on cuusoo first and voted for it because these little shops are so cool. If I were a girl I would call them Cute! I mean they are soo cool right? How would you like a little Mc Donald in your little town? Or an Apple store to get the latest IOS? The sad news is that these will not become a real set sold in stores. Cuusoo had rejected the build due to copywrite. :( But this still is an amazing build! 
And that is the scoop for this weeks Biblical Bricks Pix!


Lego Optical Illusions!

Lego Optical Illusions!
Is it possible to make Lego optical illusions? Well I can guarantee you that this video will amaze you because it has all of the best Lego optical illusions in it! Remember to pause at each picture if need be, just so you get the full experience! Have fun warping your brain!
Check it out on my +Biblical Bricks Productions on Google +



Biblical Bricks Pix #1

Flickr                       Biblical Bricks Pix #1 
Today's biblical bricks pix is done by Mark Frank! He really did an incredible job on this Hobbit creation. From the grass to the homes. I am curios what the interior of the houses look like! He put lots of work into this build! Click the link below to see his home page to learn more about him.


The Mighty SandCrawler!

The Mighty SandCrawler!

Here is a sneak peek of the new star wars Lego set coming this may! The Mighty Sandcrawler! And by the looks of it, this puppy is gonna be very expensive! I wonder how much it will cost, well I guess we will see in a couple months right? Every true collector should get their hands on this set! Now I am not a Star Wars collector, but I do like this set a lot!


Everything is awesome!


First Day Of Spring 2014

Spring Cross Garden 2014

Hooray! Today is the first day of spring! I like spring because of the new life it brings. From the flowers to the trees, spring is springing everything up! I also like spring because comes spring comes summer!!! And I absolutly luvvv summer! But most importantly, Spring means Jesus! He died on the cross and rose from the grave on Easter! Thank you Jesus!

So today while doing school, I really wanted to make something to celebrate the first day of spring! So I made this awesome flower garden with a cross in the middle. I got the idea from a greenhouse we live by, that makes a real version of this each spring! (As seen below!)


StarBound TheMovie...

StarBound TheMovie...

The film is starting. The stop motion has just begun! How exciting! This video below is a secret video only for those that come to my website! You have the honours to see the first test screening! It is blurry due to protection! Tell me your thoughts on this test vid. Are there problems? Any imporvements?

More test videos that need your help will be coming soon! You can help too!


Flickr Member Eldeeem's record store

  Flickr                         Eldeeem's record store

Below are some photos of projects made by Flickr member Eldeeem. I have to say that his record store (Below) is just simply amazing. I became really famous on Re-brick, and I can hapily say that I was one of the first 5 to see it! I just loved it! You can see all of the sweet records. I think it is cool how he took plates and stickers from ordinary Lego sets and turned them into something amazing! A record! Can you spot any of the stickers and match their sets? So be sure to check out Eldeeem's page today by clicking the link below!


BRIAN the Robot receives a LEGO upgrade - Confused.com


So did you hear about the website confused.com? Well it is actually a UK company striving to save you money. But they also use Lego for their fun! The company is based on Brian the robot. He is cute too. And you can learn more about him and his contests and games at: ChChCheck it out!



Teacher skit


So the other day while in school, I was asked a science question for the big test! I didn't know the answer so I responded with IDK (I don't know). But my teach didn't know what that meant, he then called it a good guess and gave me the real answer. What????? Wow thanks. It was so funny, and best of all it worked! Well I wouldn't recommend doing a thing in real school, but since I am home schooled, my teacher is my Dad! 
Now here it is in Lego form!


March Break Vacation

Toronto Vacation
Well if you are wondering where I have been over these last couple days, I was in Toronto on vacation with my family. We stayed in a great hotel for 2 nights, and each night I didn't get to bed till 1! ;(

 Well here are a few photos from the trip that I made for you guys to see! Some of them were in the hotel, subway, or at marche!
I am so happy to be back home now and cant wait to hear from you guys, What are you doing over March Break?



The Lego Game Rocks!

So I am a member on Big Light Games and I am loving it! It is a Christian gaming website with all the best games on it. But the site filters out all bad stuff. So just now I found this awesome building game on the website. It is a Lego building game! Just like LDD but simpler! You can play this game any time you want, and if you are a member on big light, friend me there! I highly recommend that you join the site! Happy March Break everybody and Happy Building!
Play the game at biglightgames.com


Biblical Bricks Commercial


Mixels sets are now in stores!

Mixels sets are now in stores!
It's true, its very true! The mixels sets are out! I saw them the other day at walmart! Problem was, that my phone was not with me. So I asked my brother if I could use his phone. And that worked out! But I still don't know which one is my favourite... which one is yours? Pick from the Amazon list below!


Feed the poor with Biblical Bricks ends

Feed the poor with Biblical Bricks ends

Well it is March 1st already The month flew by didn't it! Well as I told you all, throughout February, every view is worth 1 cent! Well it went pretty good. At the beginning of the month, we had 5814 views on the website. On March 1st there is 6201 views. Which means, we raised a total of...(drum roll)..... $3.87! Which is rounded to $4! Hooray! I am guessing you were expecting more money than this but there will always be next year! And for all of those that gave views to this website, thank you so very much! God Bless you all!
$4 was made this month. Hooray!