Biblical Bricks Pix #4 Lego Piano

Biblical Bricks Pix #4 Lego Piano
I am so excited for this week's Biblical Brick Pix. It is all about the Lego Cuusoo Piano! I highly recommend that you vote for this project on Lego Cuusoo! It is awesome! It needs 10000 likes and it so far has 6000 so lets work together to make this a set!


Lego Phone Stand Commercial

Lego Phone Stand Commercial
Well it is finally out! The Lego Phone Stand commercial. I am so excited to show you guys this one! After lots of hard work on Final Cut Express and teaming up with +legosolgefilms to create this, the masterpiece is now unveiled, I bring to you The Lego Phone Stand! I wish it were in stores but it is not. If it were in stores I would charge $20 and patent the design!  

Changing the way you see Lego!


Biblical Bricks Pix #3

Biblical Bricks Pix #3                Micro Lego Store
I am so happy that it is Monday! Are you? Probably not, but I get to post this Bricks Pix this morning and that is exciting right? So I found this Bricks Pix on the internet a few days ago and knew right away that I had to make it this week's post for the series. I love the detail and especially the doors. Happy Building And God Bless!


Real Lego Fountain

Real Lego Fountain
I found this on Google+ today from +Digish Pandya . It is a real lego fountain. Now sure, it isn't big and flashy, but it is easy to make and fun to see. It looks very simple to make to! All you need really is a pot, bricks, and water pump, and water of course! 

One thing I
noticed in the GIF is that the studs on the
bricks look worn down! This may be an illusion, or it may actually be happening from the constant water supply! 

Hey can you recognize what film the GIF above is from? This scene was not in the movie but I think the orange shirt is a give away!


Lego Message Boards (LMB)

LMB...Where the pros go!

Are you on Lego Message Boards? Well if you don't know what it is I will tell you. It's the Lego Message Boards!!!! An awesome place where Lego fans get together and talk...just...Lego! You can join the Lego run community by going to www.lego.com. You will love  it there! And if you ever have any Lego questions, you can ask the board about. I am on it to so you can reply to my weekly posts too!

So, Give it a try today, The Lego Message Boards are the best place to go. Andd for a limited time, You can help lego decide how to make the coming soon Minecraft sets! How cool is that! God Bless And Happy Building!


Happy April Fools!

Are you ready to celebrate this funny day? Today is the the day to legally do jokes on people without getting in trouble!!! This is gonna be fun. Now for my first one (Below) I am showing you that Lego Is ending in 2015!!! No!!!!! Well...but....Just kidding! Happy April Fools! Ha Ha LOL Did I scare you a bit? Well what kind of jokes are you doing on this fine day? Let me know in the comment bar!
Have Fun and BE SAFE!
Remember This is only a Joke! Lego Lives on!!!