Cute Lego Crocs for $40

So yesterday I was at the giant outlet mall I live by and saw these in the Crocs store! SOOOOOO CUTE! A little boy or a little girl would look so cute in these! Then I saw the prices
of the crocs...$40!!! Wamoo! That is way to much money. So we didn't buy any crocs there. I wish these little guys fit me because the would really rock my swag! I love the little bricks that sit around them, and of course...the Lego logo! That shows that these are official!

Now that I have a Debit card, I get tempted to buy lots of stuff! But I don't because I need to save my money!


WE REACHED 1000 +1's!!!

WE REACHED 1000 +1's!!!
Well I am so so so so so happy to announce that I have reached 1000 likes on Google+! I was so happy to reach this goal. It has taken me over a year but was well worth it all. You may be thinking that BBP reached its goal and has now ended....but you are so wrong! We will continue to grow and Reach the world to Jesus through awesome Lego stuff! 

I want to specially thank a few people for helping me: +Nathanel Titane  +CJ Buildinglegoswithchrist +Salvador Iglesias +Anthony KR +Glenn Copeland +LEGOLAND® Holidays +Brian Hunt +Zac B. +Lego Artman +Jim Pe +Legocool maniac +WoodrowVillage . +Lego Tin and all of my fans out there. You all mean the world to me! U are all awesome! Thanks so much for your support...once again... thank you!




Well Here it is. The Lego Movie on DVD!!! Are you guys excited! You can now buy the movie in stores! Do you wish you could see the movie again and again without constantly going to the movies? Well your answer is here! +Cristo Gomez  and I were joking together about Benny's brother and sister. We said his sister is Jenny or Penny, and his brother is Lenny. That is so funny right? So how many of you have seen the Lego movie? Well leave your answer in the poll on the right widget bar!-----------> In the comment bar feel free to tell us all of your thoughts on the Lego Movie! Did you like it? What is your favourite part? On a scale from 1-10, what is your number?


Free Blog design!

I can make you an awesome blog to advertise your needs on it. I can customize the styles and have it done in under 2 weeks! You tell me the way you want it to look, and then give me your email. You must use your Google profile email. If you don't have a Google profile, 
make one and then give me that e-mail! Pleas comment in the discussion below. thanks!


Biblical Bricks Pix #5

Real Lego Keyboard!
Well I haven't done a post in a while but that is ok. Life is busy right? Well I couldnt resist showing you guys this Real Lego Keyboard. 
I wish I had this! It would be so cool right? It is hard to believe that all of the button tiles are buttons! Where did he get them! There are some real classic tiles in that keyboard! Do you own any of them? Which ones? We would love to hear from you! Share this with your friends and be sure to come back next week for the next BBP Pix! And stay tuned for more posts! 
You can also find this post on Google+ +Biblical Bricks pro.