Hyway2000 You-Tube Channel Review

Well If you r a fan of Lego, than you gotta be a fan of minecraft. I am here today to talk about +Hyway2000 ! There is a large chance that you have never heard of him, but that is ok. He does minecraft videos...kinda like StampyLongNose! I highly reccomend that you check out his You-Tube channel. Its fun, funny, and fantastic!

If you are looking for some minecraft adventure and thrills, you have come to the right place! Dont believe me? Go see for yourself! I am calling all my fans to work together and help get +Hyway2000 to the tops!...well not the very top but more popular I mean!

Please watch the Vids below!


Sorry for the delaaay!

Fun Teaser Ad

Hey guys so sorry for the delay of posts and activity on my part! Iv been getting busy...but that is no excuse right? So I am gonna try to post more often again! So I made a fun little movie teaser ad! It looks so cool but the green screen effect kinda sucked since you can see the green tint on the mini figures!