Black Friday!

Its Black Friday

So are you going out for Black Friday? R u on the hunt for all those deals? Be sure to check the Lego aisle for some amazing prices! I think I am gonna stay home today since the stores are so packed, but I encourage all you guys to get out there and start hunting. Happy Black Friday!


Quick Christmas DIY

Quick Christmas DIY

Making fun Christmas Lego ornaments is a blast! I mean, who wouldn't  want to make their own reusable ornament???
I have made tons of em and will show you them all as Christmas unfolds! So the other day I was on Pintrest lookin for some ideas for my fans and found this! Here are some great Lego ornament ideas for the kids to make!  Click the link below for more on it!

And be sure to sent me your photos of what you made!



Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I know it is a bit early to celebrate...all my figs wanted me to post their picture, so here they are! I will be doing lots of DIY and creations and a whole bunch of other Christmas stuff to! So stay tuned because all through December It will be a fun filled website with Christmas Fun! Do Come Back!


Statue Man!

Statue Man
Well when I walked the streets of toronto I saw stuff like this and I thought it was coool! These huys stand around and try to make money by being a statue. So when I was at a friends house yesterday, I built this! Statue Man! He is so cool with his mining clothes and his whole body is silver lol! However if I had this job I would hate getting all the paint on me to be silver! Hope you like him and have a great day. Happy building!


Minecraft Madness Day #5 2014

The story gets even more epic and thrilling at the series continues!!! MUST WATCH


Lego Minecraft Madness Day #4 2014

Lego Minecraft Adventure Part 3!

Part 3 of the Lego Minecraft Adventures! So how are you liking it so far? Comment below with your thoughts and enjoy today's minecraft adventure!


Minecraft Madness Day #3 2014

Adventures of Lego Minecraft Part 2

So Here is part 2 like I promised! If you enjoyed part 1 be sure to leave a comment below on how you liked it and go subscribe to the kid who made the video's channel!


Minecraft Madness 2014 Day #2

Minecraft Lego Series

This series of Minecraft movies are funny, fun, and inspiring! Please watch them and share them with your friends! Although they are not made by me, they are still kewl! I love how the animator used the small minecraft sets to create a large environment. Its hard to believe that they are all on a block of pieces from the Cuusoo sets!

!!!Wait for part 2 tomorrow!!!



Day #1 Lego Phone     Stand
Hey Everybody! If you remember last year, I did Mine craft Madness in November and guess what? ITS NOVEMBER!!! So for 15 days of this month You will get thrilling insights and fun stuff from mine craft! So sit along and join the ride!

Todays is on this awesome minecraft Lego phone stand! Now you cane play Minecraft PE in style as you design houses, build huts, and have tons of fun!


Lego And Shell Lost Contract!


Lego and Shell have been partnered for many years!
The have put out sets together and made millions of dollars! However today Shell is a different name. They are polluting the world with toxic waste and pollution! Lego has always been an eco-friendly company and always will be! What Shell is trying to do is wrong! If Lego continues to team up with them it could go bad!
        That is why a Petition was made for Lego company. thousands of builders were against the partnership and asked Lego to end it. After much work and effort Lego has stopped their contract with shell. Hooray for us all as we now have a safer less polluted Lego Company!

So how would you have responded to this? Would you have signed the petition?