About Biblical Bricks Productions

How it all started:Well I guess the best way I can say I started was when I learned about Lego Universe. It was a place for kids who love Lego to post creations and videos. My username was BEKIND45 and I started out with a few little creations I made. Then I tried to make a few animations that were really poor. After encouragement, I started making animations with smaller movements and more flow. That is when things sky rocketed for me!

Then it all crumbled:I began to socialize with people on-line and told them to check out my projects on Lego Universe! I was always getting comments and became pretty known on the site. I was proud of myself, but to proud. Things in my life then started to take over me and my relationship with God began to decline. Soon an unexpected event occurred and it all stopped...
For 2 years, I was silent on line. No body knew where I went. It was hard to be restricted from it for that long. After 3 years of work to become that known.

Healing period:During this period, I feel that God was showing me that I need to give all the glory to him in my work. I didn't want to make that mistake again. I never did lose that passion for Lego animations. I still have it. You may wonder however, why am I back after all that lost time? Well the best answer I can give you is...I am changed and every day when I go to work, I have a new mind set. For God be the glory. You see, life is not about us, it is all about God. He is our leader and hope!

Today...Well if you know me, I love Lego and helping people with their Lego problems. I enjoy making animations for the world and giving a safe environment for all! That is why I started Biblical Bricks Productions. I do lots of things such as creation designing, mini-figure customization, Lego USB building, animation building, site running,  and so much more.

Towards the future:I really don't know what my future with Lego is, but I know that right now God has given me a deep passion for it and I will continue glorifying him as Biblical Bricks Productions expands and reaches fore venues. As I change lives, one brick at a time!

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