Mini-Figure Customization

Welcome to the "Mini-Figure Customization" page! Here is where you will learn more about mini-figures, how to customize them, links to mini fig designers' websites, and so much more!

 Their History:

    We see them in Lego sets, we buy them from the latest mini-figure series, watch them in movies and video games, and read about them in books. Their cute, small, hard as a rock, and make the Lego world come alive!!! The mini-figure!!! A lot of us think that they have been around forever; but they haven't. 

    Who knew that in 1975, the invention of the mini-figure would be a worldwide seller with over 3.7 billion produced to this day. But they didn't look back then like they do today.

    When the prototype created (1975) and the first one was made they were the same height as today's ones but had a different design. They had pants without moving legs, a shirt without arms, and a head without a face! 3 years later (1978) when they began being sold in Castle, Space, and Town sets, they now had a smile, and a few more years later they had more expressions. They even had hooks for hands and pegs for legs in the Pirate theme.

    Then as time progressed and improvements were made, in 2003, new skin tones were created for them and people began mimicking them as famous people from Star Wars, Toy Story, and others.

    When even more years went by, improvements kept coming. Today we see a realistic, colourful, accessory included, and ready for action mini-figure.  

Taken from Wikipedia and placed into my own words.

Stay tuned for more updates and fun!

Part 1 of the Customization Series
We all like custom Lego right? It is so famous and so expensive to buy. Some people can do it so well while others can't. But that's ok. In these teaching tutorials that will be presented to you over the next few weeks, you will be a pro in no time and will have fun designing and customizing along with me! Watch the videos and learn more about everything there is to know about customization! Your gateway to learning starts here...ready set Go!!!


Rainbow Man!
I was living life and suddenly had this idea to make a rainbow man!!! Pretty cool eh? 

Biblical Bricks Mini-fig!
This is me in Lego form. I wanted to make him look stylish, funky, and active. And this is the outcome! I encourage all of you to make your own signature customized mini-figure today!
God Bless!

Groovy smile pants!
These pants are made of a different type of material. Acrylic paints! It sure adds life to your object when using them! It is a great and easy thing to try!

Former bank robber
Once again I made this body with colours and words. I did not make the arm tattoo however!

Apple worker

Well I saw someone do something like this on-line and wanted to make a replica of it! It is pretty exclusive and is for sale. But I have no way to get it to you. Too bad. :( I guess I will sell it to a friend in my community! I made this guy with some acrylic paints and a towel and a fine brush. Tell me how yours turn out!

"How can I help you?"


A new customized mini-figure!

Now I know you wish you had this shirt and I wish I could sell it to you but I can't. But if you ever see my stuff being sold at an event in your town, you'll get your chance!!! I made this one last night and like it! Do you?

Magnetic Mini-figs!
Here is how you can make these nifty and fun magnets! You can give them to friends, put them on your fridge, collect them, and sell them!!! Their the magnetic mini-figs!!

What you will need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Lego
  3. Thick sticky-back magnet strip

Happy crafting!!!

Lego Retro

A new update is here on the mini-fig customization page!!! These are some Retro Lego guys I made. Some of the pieces are really old. I am not really a collector of stuff like that but like seeing them. Retro is the best! Some of these pieces are from my mom's school where she works (she is a teacher). I get to borrow Lego from there and since the school is like 40 years old, they have some real classics in there!!!  

B-ball dudes

 Father and son

Stay tuned for more updated fun!

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