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Do you love learning how to do the amazing things only pro Lego movie makers can do? Do you have a desire and passion for the training to learn. Well now you can learn all you need to know on this page. Your going to learn how to make muzzle flares, use green screen, create high quality lighting, and so so much more! New videos each month!
Tutorial 4: Part 3: How to use Blogger

How to make a Blog part 3
Well I hope you have been watching the other parts of this series on how to make a blog with Google Blogger. On this final part, I will be telling you how to share your blog with the world.

When I started out on Blogger last May, I didn't know many people. All I knew to do was post interesting stuff on my blog! So I did! Well I also got a Google+ account. If you make a blog, I highly recommend getting yourself a Google+ account. Because people will find you easier on it and that will lead them to your blog! How exciting! Every post you make on your Blog can be put on Google+ too! This will raise traffic!
Another way is to get a you-tube account! All you need to do is make movies and put them on you tube. Share about your site on the videos and then each person that watches the movie will see your blog link! You never know, you may have a lucky video that will make lots of views! There is also twitter and facebook too! The bottom line is, you always want to put out material that will interest people! Try to make your posts sound appealing!
And remember to respond to the questions and comments you get from people A.S.A.P. They will respect your quickness and interest in their comments! This creates a friendly environment!
And remember to have Fun!
Don't let your social networks become a social trap! It can be easy to only put your time into online friends and people. Have fun everybody when you make your blog and if any more help is needed, leave a comment below!

Tutorial 3: Part 2 : How to use Blogger


Tutorial 2: Part 1: How to use Blogger:

The basics on creating your own Blog with Google!


Tutorial 1: How to cookie-cut a picture's background
This tutorial will teach you some of the basics of cutting on Photoshop 7.



18hiltc said...

Nice tutorials I'm going to sub your channel know cant wait for part TWO!!!!!!! LOL

CalebBrixProductions said...

Also if you go to camstudios.com then you can do a lot better filming on the computer, if films the screen of the computer, hope this helps and happy building!!!!!!!

Noah R said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I really wanted to use one of them, but for some reason my Dad won't let me! :( Oh and part 2 is already out!

-Biblical Bricks

18hiltc said...

I'm pretty sure camstudio is free but I don't know your YouTube name send me a link and then I will check it out

CalebBrixProductions said...

When I said it the videos weren't working I guess they just wouldn't work at school but they work fine now, thanks.